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Ayub Brothers Tannery was established in 1975 in Dhaka City with the objective of commercializing finish leather and leather goods. We always give our major emphasis on the quality of the products and the relationship with our customers. It is not possible for any business to ignore these elements if they want to be successful.

We always try to maintain the standard of our product, production process and the work environment. The leather is tanned until it is firm, strong, and tight-fibred. Our technicians then hand-work each side for a smooth, consistent, even-colored piece of leather. We believe that what we produce is not just a piece of leather or leather goods, rather it is a piece of art.

We believe pride in one's work is a necessary ingredient in success - as necessary as skill, and as necessary as hard work. These attributes, along with few decades' experience, have made Ayub Brothers Tannery among the finest leather producer available today. We strive for excellence.


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